Wills and Estates

Your estate planning goals are unique to you and your estate planning needs may be simple or complex. We believe the only way to execute your estate planning goals effectively is by truly understanding your objectives and values. To achieve this, we foster a comfortable environment where the complexities of your finances and familial relationships may be discussed frankly and confidentially. Our approach results in a highly personal service that few provide.
When disputes arise, you need a skilled Toronto estate litigation law firm at your side. Cases involving disagreements over a will, trust or an individual’s mental capacity are complicated both legally and emotionally. We help people find custom solutions and resolution to complex estate, trust and capacity disputes.
Estate Litigation

– Will Challenges and Defence
– Will and Trust Interpretation
– Dependant’s Support and Relief Claims
– Defence of Solicitor’s Negligence
– Passings of Accounts

Trustee / Executor Disputes

– Compensation – Trustee Disputes
– Removal – Trustee Disputes

Estate Planning

– Estate Administration
– Trustee and Attorney Obligations
– Guardianships – Capacity Disputes
– Alternative Dispute Resolution
– Variations of Trusts